An Action Audio Story

“Crunchtastic!” COMPLETE! (4/22/14)

After an entire semester, “Crunchtastic!” is finally complete!!



I’m honestly super proud of myself…I was able to write, mix, and voice EVERYTHING in this project, and I was able to prove to myself that I could paint a picture for an audience without needing any visual artists. That was my intent from the beginning since I miss those days where families would sit in front of their radios and listen to stories. Even before radios, stories were told orally and they were left up to the listener’s imaginations to paint the scenes. I think it’s AMAZING to see what our minds are capable of without needing to visually see what’s going on.

I feel like this project was a culmination of the material I learned in a majority of my courses. Here are the courses that helped me the most with this project:

Digital Approaches to Fine Art: I’d began making sort of screenshots of the story and even the final poster as a project in this class.

Digital Storytelling: Last spring in Digital Storytelling was when I first started producing audio stories for a grade. The one that struck me the most in this class was our 30minute radio show, which gave me the idea to make this story.

Midi Composition: I thought I knew a decent amount about audio editing before this class, but I was HIGHLY mistaken. I ended up learning things about track editing, effects automations, and stereo panning, which I incorporated alot of in my story.

Voice and Body Movement: Even though this course wasn’t apart of my major, I found it really helpful when I was deciding voices for the characters.


I plan to use this project as part of my voiceover resume on my main blog,

Finalized Script!


Crunchtastic Update (4/4/14)



Scenes 6, 6.5, and 7 are complete and up on Soundcloud!

Scene 6: Cherry Kryptonite
Scene 6.5: Gen’ral Store
Scene 7: Unknown Transformation


Things are starting to get good! Dexter and Twist leave school to stop by Jolly Juicy’s Genral Store to pick up smoothies (well, a soda for Dexter because he’s allergic to cherries.) Ms. Jolly is more than happy to see them visit and she gives Twist his smoothie and sells Dexter a new flavored chocolate bar. Immediately after the 2 leave, a woman known as Twixie Tart struts into the store to warn Ms. Jolly about the dangers of the candy bar she’s selling. Twixie is an agent from the SDA (Sweets and Drug Administration) and she is there to collect all of the chocolate bars before any more are sold. Back with the 2 boys, Dexter parts with Twist after explaining that his mother would nag his ear off if he didn’t get home on time. As Dexter walks home, he remembers that he never tried the ChemiCrunch bar yet, and he pulls it out of his backpack. After examining it, he slowly takes a bite…and immediately spits it out. A moment later….something strange happens…


Scene 7 was the one that took the longest to voice and mix because of all the sound effects and automation. Yesterday I finally got around to voicing all 3 characters’ lines for Scene 8, which is when Dexter runs into Reggie again without having completed the assignment he gave to him a week before. This scene is going to take the most time because there’s double the amount of editing, sound effects, and track effects.

It’s coming down to the wire! I should have the whole intro of the story done soon. There’s only 2 more scenes left.

Here’s an updated version of the script:

Crunchtastic Script

Crunchtastic Update (3/20/14)



Scenes 3 – 5 are complete and up on Soundcloud!

Scene 3: Candy Corp. Labs
Scene 4: The Evening After 
Scene 4.5: Dexter’s Wish 
Scene 5: Meeting Ruth


Today I just finished recording Dexter, Twist, and the new character Ms. Jolly’s lines for Scene 6. To complete that scene, I still need to record Twixie Tart’s  lines (the government agent sent to confiscate all the rogue candy bars that got illegally distributed throughout the city.) I’ve had to cut some lines off of a few scenes to shorten the script because of the ridiculous amount of snow we’ve gotten, which had been keeping me from accessing my recording area. So far the script is 23 pages and all of the scenes combined come out to 19.48 minutes. The parts of the story coming next are:

Scene 7: “Dexter’s Discovery” – Dexter discovers the power the candy bar has given him.

Scene 8: “Sweet Showdown” -When Reggie confronts Dexter again and see’s that he hasn’t completed his worksheet, he starts attacking him. Just as Reggie is about to bash Dexter’s head into a brick wall, Twist see’s him in trouble and runs toward him. As Twist is running, Dexter’s previous thoughts about how much of a coward he is and his yearn to be a hero buzzes in his brain. These thoughts cause him to explode and…let’s just say it makes Twist stop in his tracks.

Scene 9: “Meaning” – Since no one but Twist and Reggie saw Dexter using his new powers, he decides that keeping his identity secret was best (or rather, Twist decides for him because “that’s how it works in the comic books.) Dexter decides to become the hero his city needs.

Here’s an updated version of the script:

Crunchtastic Script

Crunchtastic Update (2/27/14)

Screen shot 2014-02-27 at 1.48.58 PM

Scene 1 and 2 has now been completed, and they are up and available on Soundcloud!

Scene 1: Dexter’s Bully

Scene 2: Meet Twist

Next week I’m continuing the 3rd scene featuring the arrogant Dr. Reese and his softspoken assistant Dr. Cadance. I’ve already completed all of Dr. Reese’s lines for this scene, so all I have left is to record Cadance’s lines and find/add sounds to make the scene.

Crunchtastic Script


[Image above from digi arts class]

Crunchtastic Progress (2/21/14)


This week I recorded all of Dexter’s and 90% of Twist’s lines for scene 2. I also added a new scene to the script. All of the background noises were downloaded from Freesound so as to not break any fair use laws. I’ve decided to arrange each scene individually in separate projects before melding them into the main audio because I realized that as I keep adding scenes with 5 or 6 audio tracks each, I’m going to end up pulling my hair out trying to figure out which track is which. Also I can add all the extra sounds I need ahead of time, so I end up crunching down 6+ tracks of audio into 1 when I add it to the final product.

Here’s a link to Crunchtastic Scene 2 so far. (I stopped at 3.47. Twist has about 6 more lines after that which I’ll add next week.)


[Image above was made in my Digital Approaches to Fine Arts class last semester]

Crunchtastic: An Action Audio Story


“For years the danger-prone city of Glucotopia has had to endure different forms of supernatural, sugar-based onslaughts (pieclopses, cinnagryphons, gorgums that turn you into hard candy when you look into their eyes, ect.)  until one fateful day where a young, middle school boy decides to walk into a local gas station and pick up what he calls “a sugary twist of fate.”

Dexter Dudley thought it would be a good idea to pick up a candy bar on his way to his bi-weekly math club meeting. What poor Dexter DIDN’T know was that the candy bar he picked up was actually a failed experiment that was mistakenly released to the public by Candy Corp. This candy bar was known as ChemiCrunch, and not many were sold because of the unappealing title and the sickening greenish liquid oozing from the chocolate bar on the wrapper. This didn’t stop the daring Dexter from picking one up though, ironically just 10 minutes before they were recalled by the government and immediately incinerated. However, after he bought it and took a bite, within moments he collapsed onto the sidewalk, also dropping the candybar; green liquid oozing from it. When Dexter woke up, he discovered something odd when he kicked a soccer ball into a small child, sending the child flying backwards into a wall. Super strength. Remembering that he was late to his meeting, he ran as fast as he could towards the school….too fast…He noticed as he ran the street behind him would immediately burst into flames due to the friction of his feet. Super speed. Just for kicks, he decided to jump to see what would happen. When he jumped, he didnt return to the ground. Flight.

It was later discovered that only 50 of these chocolate bars were sold and consumed. These few consumers were known throughout the city as “Crunchers,” super beings with a variety of powers used for good…and evil.”

This audio drama is my capstone for my 4 years attending the University of Mary Washington studying Digital Media. I chose to create an audio story for my thesis because I am planning to go into voiceover after I graduate. Not only am I writing a 30+ minute script and adding sound effects to each scene, but the main challenge I am pursing is voicing every single one of the characters. I am still in the process of writing the script, and so far I have completed the first scene of the story found HERE!


[Image above was made in my Digital Approaches to Fine Arts class]